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The Premier Series

   The Mark of Westminster Premier Series is one of the benchmarks of all modern chess pieces. It represents one of the finest chess piece collection available anywhere and does so at a reasonable price. You simply will find very few chess pieces of higher quality and value. These chesspieces are for the person who absolutely must have a chess set that is unique and luxurious with excellent value.

    The image to the left depicts the 4" Super Grand Rosewood set with its Cherry storage box. Pictures of the Premier series and its storage box are coming soon.

     The set comes with an additional queen for each player (not shown) for use in the promotion of pieces.

    The following images will take you to the individual pieces, and all of the accessories included in each chess piece collection in this series. Click on these images to go to a larger image showing the larger, full detail images.

Premier Series Piece Images
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Premier Accessories
More Images To Be Added Soon!
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