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Press Release - August 3, 2000
Due to Popular Demand, Abbey Chess Products Expands Options

  Abbey Chess Products reports that the response from consumers has been very strong. Many consumers have asked that the Mark of Westminster be expanded to include other choices of woods. Abbey Chess Products is proud to announce the capability of producing its line of chess pieces in simple Rosewood and Sheesham, for those consumers who are interested in a more traditional wood type for their chessmen. These products will be produced on a per customer basis, for an additional customization charge through their network of dealerships. The expected time of shipment to the consumer should be about two weeks after the initial custom order is placed. Other options are not available at this time, but may be implemented in the future. They recommend checking with their dealerships for pricing and ordering of all custom Mark of Westminster chessmen.

Press Release - July 20, 2000
Release Date Pushed Back on Chess Pieces

  Abbey Chess Products, inline with its pursuit of making some of the world's finest chess pieces, has pushed back the release date of its Mark of Westminster line of chess pieces. This has been done to ensure quality and improve on manufacturing techniques prior to full scale production. The sets are at this time in full scale production. The projected date of release is expected to be somewhere in late August, early September. This should bring the product into the hands of the many consumers who have been patiently awaiting these chess sets, just before the start of the 2000 Christmas season.

Press Release - June 10, 2000
Demand High for Upcoming Release of The Mark of Westminster

  Consumer response has been very high, "...far above projections", according to Abbey Chess Products, for their upcoming release of The Mark of Westminster line of high quality chessmen. "We have had to increase our production run substantially, and still maintain our quality control. So we pushed back our release date a few months to make sure the product is released up to our standards of quality", according the Director of Marketing.

  Abbey Chess Products states that all consumers awaiting the release of this line, will be able to purchase the sets with no supply problem. In addition, the level of quality will be maintained to the highest standard. "Our sets are handcrafted and hand inspected, so we are sure consumers who demand high quality chessmen, can appreciate our decision to take our time and do it right, and still ensure there will be enough sets available for all who want to acquire one." Abbey Chess Products reports the demand is nearly three times what they expected. The expansion of chess on the internet, and the implementation of their own web site are cited as reasons for additional higher demand. "I think most consumers have been waiting for something new to come around in this market, for quite some time."

Press Release - March 7, 2000
Special Collectable Low Serial Number Super Grand Ebony Chess Pieces Released

   Abbey Chess Products, through exclusive arrangement with Your Move Chess & Games will be offering the first Super Grand Series to be released to the public. All Mark of Westminster chess piece collections are serial numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity which shows this serial number. The Ebony Super Grand Series in the sizes 3", 4" and 4.4" serial numbers #00004 through #00014 will be offered for sale exclusively through Your Move Chess & Games. First come, first serve pre-orders are being taken now, with delivery expected sometime in late May, early June.

This select group of chess pieces will be packaged at the highest quality controlled specifications and feature select woods and finish. These first ten sets, in each respective size, will be of special interest to chess piece collectors and players alike. For further information regarding purchasing and special pricing on these highly collectable, limited number chess piece collections, contact Your Move Chess & Games at 800-645-4710, 10am-5pm EST Monday through Friday, and ask for Steve or John.

Sets featuring serial numbers #00001 through #00003 are reserved for our archives and donated to selected museums and professional collections.

Several prototype Super Grand Series and Grand Series sets are also available in Rosewood, as well as several Premier Series. These sets are identical to the final production models, except that they are lighter in weight and do not included the storage boxes and velvet pouches. These sets may also prove to be highly sought after collectable chess sets since they where produced in very small numbers. Contact "Your Move" for details!

Press Release - January 25, 2000
Your Move Chess & Games, New York officially becomes the first Mark of Westminster Authorized Dealer

   Abbey Chess Products is pleased to announce the acceptance of Your Move Chess & Games, located in Huntington Station, New York, as our first Mark of Westminster Authorized Dealer in the United States. ICD/Your Move is known as the largest dealer in the U.S. of chess products, and has a strong presence on the internet. Their easy to navigate web site ( has the biggest selection of chess products we have seen on the world wide web, as well as offering secure online ordering for their customers. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, quality product selection, superb value and outstanding service made them a natural choice to be our first Authorized Dealer.

Press Release - January 4, 2000
Official United States release date of The Mark of Westminster announced

   Abbey Chess Products is proud to announce that The Mark of Westminster will be officially released on or about May 25, 2000. This highly anticipated chess piece collection will hit Authorized Dealers approximately one week after this release date.

Press Release - January 1, 2000
Abbey Chess Products introduces The Mark of Westminster.

   Welcome to the 21st Century!

   Abbey Chess Products is proud to announce the introduction of The Mark of Westminster line of Chess Products. Our goal is to offer the chess world the finest chess sets currently available anywhere in the world. The Mark of Westminster line will represent the new paradigm in chess sets and chess products for the 21st century and beyond. Abbey Chess Products is currently producing three separate series, the Premier, Grand, and Super Grand series of chess sets in Rosewood, Ebony and Boxwood flavors. The Mark of Westminster will also introduce, sometime in 2000, additional chess products under The Mark of Westminster moniker.

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